My book, mapped

Wordle just changed my world. This is the map of my book.

All the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body
Becoming ink

Wordle: Becoming ink (a corporeal survey)

Writing this body, writing

Wordle: Writing this body, writing

Looking from the inside

Wordle: Looking from the inside

The body that moves…

Wordle: The body that moves the hand that writes

Writing the worst

Wordle: Writing the worst

A proliferation…

Wordle: A proliferation of metaphor

There are holes…

Wordle: There are holes, and I leak

Birthing, again

Wordle: Birthing, again

Losing something…

Wordle: Losing something you cannot see

The lost mother

Wordle: The lost mother

Meeting Cixous

Wordle: Meeting Cixous


Wordle: Bibliography


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