Backgammon, Bogan Hunters and something that ends this alliteration….

Thank you Margaret Mayhew, for thinking of me, and for writing this beautiful post. It is a comfort. It is a delight. It reminds me to be where I am, and most importantly, to keep writing.

First World Problems

It’s been an intense month of caving indoors…. and at times caving in.

Writing a book is as hard as writing a PhD; only this time (fortunately, she says, touching wood), mercifully free of heartbreak, house moves and death (I had 4 friends die during my PhD).

And – fortunately (she says, touching wood while making a sign of the cross), I’ve been able to scrap through my fourth summer of unemployment – ineligible for Newstart, and paying full price for medication and public transport – but luckily with enough cash reserves from working my ass off last year to see me through. I am glad that I got a visa overdraft when I had a scholarship and teaching. The overdraft helped me finish my PhD and has kept me through the past 5 years of casual academia.

I am very grateful to be living with someone who can pay…

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