I’ve gone all in for spoken word this year, especially after meeting the lovely and very talented Stefanie Petrik.

My first gig was on the open mic at a Melbourne event called Mother Tongue. I was nervous and could have done with a bit more practice before I got up on stage. There was a camera there, but I can’t bear to link to the video. Makes me feel all cringey…

Bitten by the bug, I signed up for Hares and Hyenas’ Midsumma Word Slam and came second! I was given a percentage of the door and spent it on a beautiful infuser cup and some good quality leaf tea for my office at uni.

Next up, Rabid Fire, again at Hares and Hyenas. 12 writers, 6 minutes each. I was in amazing company (Kath DuncanBrigitte Lewis and Jax Jacki Brown I was particularly honoured to perform along side you), and yes, there was a camera there. I’m posting this one because it doesn’t make me cringey at all.

And just because 2013 so far seems to be the year of slam, I’m in another one on February the 14th. Come along. I might post a video of it here next week. Depends how cringey I feel.

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