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Lisbon in bites

Bucket of coffee. Made it through the whole of yesterday without a nap. Made it Tiled building facadethrough the night (mostly) asleep.

Weird rash/bunch of bites on my calf. Cortisone in Portugese: cortisona.

Hunting stamps today and pondering whether I need to write 16 three line poems (that’s how many gorgeouses pledged $10), or if I can write 8 and double up.

Conference rego at 12.30. I walk everywhere here. Google maps I love you.

Yesterday I was carrying two felt pirate flags I’d bought for the kids and a flannelette shirted woman came up and started speaking in Portugese. She thought I was going to the May Day rally. There was dancing in the streets. A man playing accordion with a tiny dog on his shoulder collecting coins.

Pasteria (pastry) shops everywhere. The way that travelling alone lets me be still, and watch everything, and the world, quietly, comes to meet me.