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Writing poems with other people’s words

Last week I sent out my pozible rewards. The $100 reward was a poem, written around three words sent to my by my support. The very lovely Lynda Hawryluk sent me these words:

bricolage, bunker, azure

When I first had the idea to write poems as thank-yous for larger donations, and to ask my supporters to send me three words to write around, I didn’t think about how those words would affect my work, given that I am deeply accustomed to choosing my own words when I write. It was a challenge. I don’t think I would ever have used bricolage in a poem written entirely under my own steam.

In fact I was anxious about bricolage. I avoided this poem. It was the last ‘reward’ poem I penned. And what I found was this: those words were perfect. And they got me writing about a metro station in Lisbon called Parque that was so exquisite that when I got out of the train all I could do was stand and gawk.

Parque station with hand written poemLynda got her poem in the mail this week. And luckily, she loved it too. So much so that she hand wrote it over a picture of the station, pinned it to her wall, and then sent of photo of it to me. I am overwhelmed with the gift.